Tekky Toreh & Partners is a Maritime and Insurance Law Firm established on 1st September 2000 , as a consequences of the growing number of maritime and transport (insurance) cases, entrusted by ship owners, shippers and insurance companies.

The section at present consists of three barristers (and consultants), a legal counsel for international maritime and transport law, two captains (Master Mariners) as nautical and technical experts and a general advisor with “hands on” experience in shipping, international freight forwarding and related multimodal transport activities. Together they have a not inconsiderable legal knowledge and experience, coupled with a thorough insight in nautical and transport affaires and last but not least experience with Indonesian ports, their authorities and local circumstances “from sabang to merauke”. All members of the section have their own wide networks throughout Indonesia

Internationally, the section has first class corresponding maritime transport and insurance law office in Singapore , Rotterdam , London and Cairo , with through links to the USA , South East Asia and China (including Hong Kong ). Some members of the section have via their personal background direct access to some world renowned legal experts in these fields of law (f.i. rapporteurs to the Comite Maritime Internationale, the IMO, the International Salvage Union, etc), this way being able to draw on back-up knowledge and experience in very complicated and exotic cases. So together they are able to solve nearly all legal problems in these fields of law, whether for Indonesian or foreign clients.

The client-base consists presently of ship owners, shippers, freight forwarders, insurance companies (P&I and H&M), salvage and towage companies, port operators and mining companies, both foreign and Indonesian. The cases vary from charter disputes, demurrage and cargo damage, pilfer and theft and various insurance disputes to real “wet” cases like collisions, salvage, and towage etc. further sale and purchase of ships and ship finance and registration, transport problems with coal and are transport, etc.

The section is furthermore active in the drafting of contracts, charter-party clauses and sales-forms for ships, besides advising on Indonesian, foreign and international law and International governmental shipping and transport regulations (IMO, ISM, Port State Control, European Shipping Competition Regulations, etc) Port and Parcel of the activities are negotiations, mediation and arbitration and - of course – litigation. The section is regularly entrusted with P&I claims and recoveries.

An important aspect of the daily activities are the legal, nautical and technical fact-findings provided to clients, especially regarding cases in Indonesia . Many cases have been solved to the satisfaction of clients by doing first thorough factual analyses of an inquiries into cases, before entering into the then ensuing more specific legal activities. Experience has shown that clients are better served, get better results and last but not least have (considerably) less legal expense, if whatever legal activity is bases in the real facts and aimed at the real legally responsible parties. Preliminary inquiries have indeed often led to amazing results and consequently aiming of legal activities at other, related parties. Through its network, the section is excellently able to provide clients with such an integrated approach to their problem.

Although the section is focused on maritime, transport and insurance affaires, it is able to advice on and solves general legal problems in Indonesia . Any field in Indonesian Law and regulations can be advised upon and proper action provided. Legal translations from Indonesian in to English and vice versa can be taken care of.

At most of the members have also experience as clients-be it has director of shipping lines. Master Mariners, legal counsels of companies and government departments and etc. they know what clients in regards of fee notes sometimes do not like; thus the section has a transparent dee noting system.

There is no “open ended” fee-note system, the client knows beforehand the tariffs, the most probable time expenditure, and estimate of additional costs and disbursements, etc. on request for every case a clear estimates will be provided. Fee-notes are presented in such a way. That the clients can control whatever has been done for him and by whom. The philosophy if the section is to build with clients a long term relationship based on mutual trust, also in this respect.

This means also that they will always provide you with a clear first advice or opinion, in which are also stated the chances of getting results. If it is their professional opinion that the clients has nothing to gain with legal activities in a specific case, they will also state that to the client. It is part of the philosophy that a client should never be drawn into useless legal activities or procedures, just “to keep the lawyer busy” in his expense. That is by the way a mutual interest: a client does usually not like nonsensical fee-notes.

In order to forge good links with the clients, good personal relationships are deemed to be of paramount importance. A client will always be able to contact the same partner he/she already knows and feels comfortable with. This makes communication easy, saves all parties concerned much time, assures a “one stop” approach and provides personal attention. Due to experience the members of the section are also able to communicate with their clients on management level, being used to seeing broad picture o clients and his commercial interests – they are not “single minded” lawyers, with just a legal “tunnel” view.

In summary: the maritime and insurance and insurance section can provide both Indonesian and Foreign Clients with legal and related fact-findings services, tailored to the needs of the shipping, transportation and insurance community, second to none in Indonesia . And that in a fast and reliable way, based on extensive networks, knowledge and experience.

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World Maritime Day 2017: "Connecting Ships, Ports and People"

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