Aklamasi Perwira Pelayaran Niaga Indonesia di Captain Jack Cafe Cibubur, Ketua IKPPNI Layangkan Surat ke SekJen IMO -->

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Aklamasi Perwira Pelayaran Niaga Indonesia di Captain Jack Cafe Cibubur, Ketua IKPPNI Layangkan Surat ke SekJen IMO

Ananta Gultom
30 Juni 2016
Jakarta,-eMaritim.com - Akhir dari Maritime Talk yang mengusung tema " Fight For Seafarers " pada saat yang bertepatan dengan Day Of Seafarer 25 Juni 2016 di Captain Jack Cafe Cibubur,  yang dihadiri oleh para Perwira Pelayaran Indonesia termasuk para pakar dunia Pelayaran seperti Captain WP Lumintang(78 tahun) Lulusan dari Akademi Ilmu Pelayaran dan juga pernah mengecap pendidikan di Kings Point USA , Captain Hasudungan Tambunan (Presiden Kesatuan Pelaut Indonesia),Captian Ferry Akbar (Kasubdit Kepelautan Kementrian Perhubungan) dan banyak nama nama lagi, hasilkan aklamasi yang secara formil dilayangkan kepada SekJen IMO Kitack Lim.

Menurut Capt. Dwiyono Suyono selaku ketua IKPPNI melalui wawancara via Whatsapps, latar belakang yang diusung adalah " Rights to get appreciation by Holiday as reward in gift"

Melalui email yang dikirimkan ke redaksi, Capt. Dwi melampirkan soft copy surat yang dapat di download di sini.  (AG24)

Berikut salinan surat kepada SekJen IMO Kitack Lim.

Dear Secretary General of IMO Mr. Kitack Lim,

In this year 2016 after celebrating Seafarer's day  from all of Indonesian seafarers as the Sons of IMO  wishes you all the best, wealthy and healthy.
We are representing Indonesian Merchant Marine Officers (MMO) would like to inform that here in our beloved Maritime country of Indonesia also held a celebration of Seafarer's Day in a humble manner but warm atmosphere on the date of 25th June 2016.
The tittle of this humble and crucial event is : Marine Officers's Voice with spirit of Fight For Seafarer's Rights.

One of the agenda is held a discussion focus on the need of Profession's Association/Organization in Indonesia as a home sweet home for all Merchant Marine Officers in Indonesia.
Before ending the agenda, all participants expressing deep sympathies to all of  our Indonesian seafarers brothers who are in bad luck being held as hostages at Philippines. Prays are flew over for them solemnly with respect from all of participants for their safe & secure to be back soonest to their family.
The agenda was ended with 1 (one) of acclamation content, agreed by all participants as part of positive outcome contributed for Seafarers all over the world that Seafarers are deserve to have a Holiday on the crucial day of Seafarer's day every year.
Therefore, as our understanding that IMO Secretary General is the father of all Seafarers, then we decided addressing this acclamation in writing as a recommendation proposing the authorized world body to support our good faith for Seafarer community.  This is consider our beloved community deserves to have world's appreciation for what they have been contributed to the world : art and beauty of safe and secure sea bridge for world trade sculpt by Seafarers.
We all thanking for your attention in priority on this significant matter for Seafarers with deep hope of positive support.
1. Apology for inconvenient by sending this mail using personal mail address due to our web official mail ( info@ikppni.org ) having interrupted the whole day today.
2. Attached a formal letter as justifications on behalf of Indonesian MMO Association addressed to The Secretary General of IMO. 
3. Will address the same letter/document as cc to UN Secretary General in separate mail.

Salaam Perwira / Greetings from MMO.
Best Regards,
Capt.Dwiyono Soeyono
Chairman of Ikatan Korps Perwira Pelayaran Niaga Indonesia
( Association of Indonesian Merchant Marine Officer Corps)