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Rewarding a special role of the Seafarer: Challenge to be a Maritime Pilot

25 Juni 2017
Jakarta 25 Juni 2017,

Menyambut Hari Pelaut Sedunia yang jatuh pada 25 Juni 2017 dan bertepatan dengan datangnya Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1438 H, menurunkan tulisan dari Capt Dwiyono Suyono Ketua Ikatan Korps Perwira Pelayaran Niaga Indonesia. Disaat sebagian besar rakyat Indonesia merayakan Hari Raya dengan keluarga dirumah, ada ratusan ribu Pelaut Indonesia yang karena tugasnya tidak memeiliki kesempatan untuk melakukannya. Itulah Seafarers Matter, sesuai dengan tema IMO atas peringatan International Seafaras day 2017.

Dedicated to SEAFARER DAY 25th of June 2017
By: Capt.DS – Mooring Master, Harbor Pilot & DS Pilot.
Uniquely Maritime Pilot (Marine Pilot) profession are developed then established for centuries in burden with risky and tricky task to handle ships through complicated and hectic sea passages. Not every Merchant Marine Officer could become a Maritime Pilot as it is so challenging qualifications, where later there in fact should cope with challenging conditions.

The importance of the Maritime Pilot 

1.In Safety Aspect.
The world of shipping calls harbor pilot to embark on incoming ships in complicated Navigational situation and it demands special high skills on his seat. Between the Low powered-to-Weight ratios of large ships creates a complete different challenges for Maritime Pilots, makes them are more important than ever for what we can call delicate task of handling huge ships in ports.
There is interested article as reference to read:
Pilot's brain expected in conditioned to such situations, so that he can anticipate the impending danger well in advance to the right order at the right time to avoid a hit.
Each vessel has her own peculiarity. The pilot either remembers them if the vessel is on a regular line and visits the port occasionally, or else he acquaints himself with her behavior as fast as he can. His brain adapts to her peculiarities and ingrains them in its consciousness. He applies them almost immediately till the vessel is berthed. Though he has very little time, he has trained himself to adapt as quickly as possible to the varied situations he encounters day in and day out.
A Maritime Pilot who is piloting in restricted space relies on his adaptability and with time his response becomes more accurate as he foresees a situation in advance. The synapses (a structure that allows a neuron to pass a chemical or electrical signal from one cell to the other) are more active in an adult brain than previously thought, and they rewire themselves in response to stimuli from the outside world.
Thus, as long as the maritime pilot keeps himself mentally healthy and physically fit, they can bring the ships moored safely as their babies without considerable stress. He should maintain his brain stands guard throughout his voyage, preventing obstructions and ensuring a safe passage.

2. In the World's Economy
Rolling world's economic role point of view, ports are one of main gate of economy. Safeties of ports activities will support to contribute grow of economy. So, the Maritime Pilots are the guardians' safety keepers in main gate in ports from shipping industry for other relevant industries using ports with very significant contributions. It is a sensitive position to establish and maintain stable of economy. They are not only employees selling services to industry, but they are more to partner in human resource in chain of supplies at sea for public and industry need day to day.
Aspects that can interrupt safe Maritime Pilotage Chain Activity as gaps.
To support the Industry need of Pilots and prevent safety chain interruptions process of safe Pilot delivery, there are several focus areas that should integrated consistently maintained based on technical matters and nontechnical, such as:
  1. Pilot shore facilities
  2. Embarkation facility
  3. Tugs
  4. Ports / Terminal facility
  5. Nature
  6. Ship Owner
  7. Ship's crew
  8. Pilots
  9. Last but not least: Maritime Pilot Welfare.
    A wealthy and healthy employee will give his head to the company.
    This is a moral support and motivating an employee to be professional, reliable, credible and profitable in work productivity.
    Unfair welfare treatment will be one of root causes to the safe operation in Maritime Pilotage activities
Still lot of gaps that has not been captured to improve safe Maritime Pilotage activities around the globe as well as in Indonesia. As from now Indonesia had been granted to operate the Sumatra Strait pilotage (formerly called Melaka Strait), attention to the professional pilotage sector is a nation issue. Upgrading their skills, keep up with latest technology, and fluently speaking in some major world languages are few aspect that needs to be highlighted
Recommendation to close out the gaps is a need to held a forum with integrated members, consist of stake holders, authorized parties and association as independent party for professional practitioner's expert perspectives point of view.(jan)